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What’s new at Boone Aerospace, Inc

What’s new at Boone Aerospace, Inc? Good question! Always expanding. Always improving.
We have added OSHINO LAMPS AMERICA to our Product Portfolio. OSHINO offers a wide variety of precision manufactured filament lamps. In addition to Oshino’s subminiature and miniature lamps, many SEAL BEAM, HALOGEN, and FLUORESCENT TUBES are stocked and ready to go! Some of the lamps you may recognize: NSA93320x, E0403, E0404, E0029, 5008WW, 5013CW, 5104WW, 5113WW, F18T5 and other fluorescent tubes; 8GH004554-28, 8GH005597-12, 8GH005678-06, 8GH007429-28 and HLX64621 halogens; 4509, Q4511, 4553, 4554, 4557, 4559, 4580, 4587, 4593, 4594, 4596, 4626, 4627, 4635; Q4551,Q4554, Q4566, Q4597, Q4631, Q4632, Q4681, Q5554, Q5559 and Q5596 sealed beam lamps.

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Boone Aerospace, Inc. A name that has been trusted in Aerospace for over 40 years. Innovative.. We are a stocking distributor for electrical and mechanical components.

We have an experienced and dedicated sales staff that prides themselves on customer relationships globally.
Our strong, longstanding relationships with U.S. and European manufacturers has provided our customers with a wide range of product support.
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    Boone Aerospace, Inc offers the following lines: Crouzet, Burndy, Pandit, and Thomas & Betts.

In our pursuit to serve the customer we are committed to supplying high quality parts and remaining efficient in our processes. Boone Aerospace is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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